Women's Suffrage ESOL Materials

Women's Suffrage in Scotland: ESOL Materials 

Through the Scottish Government's Vote Centenary Grant Scheme , Glasgow ESOL Forum received funding to develop and deliver ESOL materials on the Women's Suffrage Movement in Scotland in mid-2018. This is a unique set of ESOL materials as they are the first of their kind to focus specifically on Women's Suffrage in Glasgow and Scotland. 

Background of the materials: 

Development Workers on the Volunteer Tutor Project began developing the materials by researching the Women's Suffrage Movement in Glasgow and Scotland. A trip to the Glasgow Women's Library provided a bulk of the background reading for the project. We encourage everyone to visit the library and support a true national treasure! 

We used an adapted transcript from SCAN: Scotland Archive Network 's film on the Women's Suffrage Movement. From the archive, we found authentic newspaper articles and posters for use in the lessons as well.  

Once the materials were ready to be used, we piloted the lesson plans in several community classes. By consulting learners on the material, we were able to identify areas that were unsuitable for community classes and draft up considerations for using the materials. Our volunteer tutors who used the materials gave us useful feedback to make the lesson plans more user friendly. 

Key considerations for use: 
  • There are two lesson plans for each level (Literacies, Elementary/Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate) and could accommodate 1.5-2 hour long lessons, with the option to extend the topic to present day voting rights, community engagement and activism, MSP's and the Scottish Parliament and other notable Scottish women such as Mary Barbour and the rent strikes of 1915. 

  • Each lesson comes with a lesson plan, learner handouts, flashcards and cards for a revision board game. There are suggested activities and ideas for extensions. There are audio clips available at each level and we invite you to use them for listening exercises as you see fit.

  • Please complete our survey here after you have completed using the materials. We are eager to hear your feedback and it is important to our reporting to funders!

If you would like to access the materials, please contact fergus@glasgowesol.org  

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