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English Page  provides elaborate explanations and insightful examples making this resource one of the best ways to improve your vocabulary and perfect your grammar.

BBC Skillswise  provides a fun way of learning grammar through videos, games, factsheets and worksheets.    

BBC grammar challenge  helps language learners use tricky gramatical structures. Every programme is downloadable as an mp3 and features an expert commentary on that week's grammar. 

British Council English grammar  provides grammar theory and interactive exercises making it a fun way to learn English.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab  is a great resource for teachers to get ideas for lessons practising listening skills however it is also a fantastic self study tool for learners.

Lyricstraining  is the new way to learn English through music and the lyrics of your favourite songs at 4 different levels.

Monthly News Lessons  is an amazing tool for teachers providing topical news items with worksheets for each level. Each worksheet contains vocabulary, speaking and grammar work as well as reading practice.

EslFlow  is an extensive source for teachers with all sorts of reading exercises.

ESL Lounge  is a great tool for both learners and teachers providing interactive and printable exercises as well as lesson plans for different skills practice.

10 techniques to Improve your English Writing skills   I f you like to transform your thoughts into the text, this article is exactly for you!

Speaking / Warm-ups / Follow-ups:
EslFlow  provides various speaking and icebreaker multi-level activities for teachers. It also features 'interview your partner' and role-play exercises for conversational and fun classes.

Film blogspot  is a very creative and modern tool for teachers. It contains a series of film segments to be used to brainstorm, warm up or follow up topics discussed in class. Teachers will find here film segments, the lesson plans and varied topics to foster conversation.

Dave's ESL cafe  a brilliant idea-sharing platform for teachers. You will find here activities used or created by other teachers from all over the world with a short instruction attached.

Interactive / online:
ESL games world  provides a multi-leve variety of interactive language games for total ESL fun.

ESL games plus  provides a low level interactive and printable language games for total ESL fun.

Video lessons:
English Media Lab  is a free ESL video online lab for learners who would like to improve their vocabulary. It is suitable for levels from elementary to intermediate.

BBC Learn English  is a very creative and insigtful website providing video lesson courses at levels from lower intermediate to advance. 

Real English  is a completely free, open source site ideal for blended learning. It provides original videos and interactive  lessons perfect for lower level lerners.

ESL video  provides educational resources for learners to improve their listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary skills. The quiz activities and lessons are created by teachers and free to be used in class, lab or at home.

Flash cards, lesson ideas, lesson plans:
Mes English  is a very helpful site where you can find a wide range of resouces which were designed to be veratile and useful across a broad spectrum of ages and levels. This site hosts flashcards, worksheets and handouts to match, phonics worksheets, esl games, certificate templates and other activities all ready for printing.

BBC Teaching English  an amazing site with resources for teacher. It contains lesson plans, webminars and current info about teacher training and further development courses.

educreations  a fantastic digital tool for teachers who wish to create bespoke lessons and share them instantly with their students or via social media. This app facilitates student teacher remote time making it extra fun.

Digibooks  is a great resource for both students and teacher offering a section with short stories. You will find genres here like fiction, comic, informative as well as the lyrics of music. It has been developed in collaboration with ESOL tutors at Leeds City College.

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